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Exhibit cases in the lobby of the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building display an ever-changing trove of treasures from the archives. Display cases funded by the Friends of Libraries & Archives of Texas.

The purpose of the Texas Historical Preservation Endowment is to establish an ongoing source of funds to record, process, preserve and make available to the public historically unique and valuable materials of the Texas State Archives, under the direction of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The Friends’ goal is to raise $100,000 to seed the endowment over the next four years.

Contribute today! The Austin Community Foundation will match $1 for every $4 raised, as part of their Nonprofit Endowment Initiative.

The State Archives maintains the official history of Texas as colony, nation and state, containing archival government records dating to the 18th century, newspapers, journals, books, manuscripts, photographs, historical maps, and other artifacts.
The fragile treasures of Texas’ past inform our present and enrich our future. Become a part of preserving the heritage and culture of Texas. Learn more.

Friends of Libraries & Archives of Texas

Who Are the Friends?

Lovers of learning, libraries, books, archives, genealogy, and Texas history—in fact, all who believe in the preservation of and promoting access to Texas’ rich history for all generations.

What Do the Friends Do?

  • Advocate and promote the statewide services and collections of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Fundraise to expand the services and collections of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and support the efforts of its staff
  • Foster the development of local groups in support of local libraries and archives in Texas

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